Crypto trader & influencer Elliot Wainman, has named a group of altcoins that he believes has the potential to pull off 1000x gains.

Wainman tells his 197,000 YouTube subscribers that he is bullish on DeFi as he believes the total value locked (TVL) in the nascent sector will go parabolic from £28 billion to £100 billion.

Elliot Wainman believes that small-cap DeFi coins will benefit from the growth (TVL) including decentralized stablecoin exchanges such as Snowswap (SNOW) and liquidity tools such as Unistake. Even going ahead and mentioning decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap (SWAP), and also yield farming protocol Bao Finance (BAO).

Another coin on Wainman’s crypto radar is Bridge Mutual (BMI), it’s a protocol that offers insurance against the feared smart contract failures, crypto exchange attacks, stablecoin crashes and so much more.

OptionRoom (ROOM), which is an data oracle & prediction markets protocol built on the Polkadot (DOT) network, is also on Wainman’s list of 1000x crypto/token gains.

“You have oracle, you have prediction market, you have Polkadot all in one. It’s a lot of sauce and it’s coming out with a very small market cap… You can see that their fully diluted market cap, their starting with this $5 million. That’s FDV. That’s not the circulating market cap. That’s all their tokens and the entire value of it… 

The point is they have a bunch of features that a bunch of huge projects aren’t even combining and they’re launching at a tiny, tiny market cap.”

Wainman says, Ethereum which is the leading smart contract platform has way more upside potential even after printing a new all-time high as the fundamentals of the second-largest crypto asset continue to show progression and positivity.

“Ethereum, with all that’s going on, with the NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DeFi (decentralized finance), it’s just really hard to argue this is anything other than undervalued, especially as they figure out how to scale it a little more. To me, ETH is just this amazing, amazing gravy train and the tip of the spear for all the altcoins.”

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