Hey guys! Today we’re going to quickly touch upon the point many of our followers are asking. That’s “Is the Politicization of Bitcoin Mining a Distraction?”

Well the short answer is yes. That’s what we’ve come to anyway. The reason being is there are so many institutions and companies out there that have no idea what Bitcoin is and what it brings to the new era of mining. Even though Bitcoin is getting claimed up fast and it’s total cap is getting closer, still these companies and institutions will have a grudge against it. This could be either that they missed out on the hype or are just worried about jumping into it a bit too late. No matter what, Bitcoin mining will always be popular and even though Bitcoin may not have enough coins to mine in the year 2040, there will always be other coins that will still be mineable and of course, some of these miners would convert their crypto currency mined into Bitcoin.

With the world becoming more tech orientated and rely on it so much, even the Politicizing of Bitcoin mining will have little to no effect on it. Here at Cryptovimto we like to think that tech and even Politicizing of Bitcoin will bring even more exposure to Bitcoin itself causing it to rally up as more people find out about it’s uses. Even thought the Crypto Currency Bitcoin is a decentralised currency, many governments would love to centralise it but the thing is they can’t as the blockchain runs through everybody participating. So unless the whole of the internet goes down and tech decreases, then Bitcoin will continue to grow and even possible take over the deflation of fiat currencies such as GBP etc.

“welcome to the unstoppbale crypto currency that will take over the world”