With the SEC’s and suits all over Ripples ass, you’d think Ripple also known as XRP would have died now. Since most exchanges have removed this asset and have delisted the buying and selling features associated to it, you would assume so. However, this have proven many people wrong and has even drawn more attention. Good for that matter. No one expected XRP to actually hold most of it’s position and stay competitive and here we are! Here at Cryptovimto, we’re impressed! We know a lot of us had invested heavily in XRP and had decided to HODL it instead of trading it. Some have seen better days and some people haven’t.

XRP is a token that still seems promising to a lot of fans and Hodlers. Not sure if it’s because they’re just stuck with it or they know something the masses don’t. Either it’s an edge or it’s the death of XRP. That’s what we think anyway. Coinbase has delisted XRP from being traded on it’s platform however, is allowing some time for it’s users to withdraw before they completely remove that feature to. This could be because there is not a single exchange that would like to be in the limelight or in the firing line of the SEC’s. Some deem the cryptocurrency a security risk and some don’t.

Our approach to it, is that anything that seems dodgy or that get’s in firing line of the SEC’s we normally leave them alone. Obviously not financial advice, but consider giving it some thought. If you’re stuck with it, then I guess you’re stuck with it. Better pray it comes out, they’re not a security and then jobs a good one. However, majority of the large stake holders like Greyscale have already released XRP from their portfolios and have not touched it since. Wise. 

“we don’t normally touch shitcoins but if we do then it’ll probs be something a bit better”