The digital payments firm Ripple XRP is receiving one of the most highly sought security & privacy certifications in its field.

The company says it has secured the System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) certification on RippleNet Cloud service.

The SOC2 confirms that RippleNet Cloud maintains a very high standard of safety, reliability & privacy throughout its entire network.

An independent certified public accountant conducted the tough tests necessary to determine whether RippleNet’s Cloud Service infrastructure deserved this high rating.

Ripple mentioned that this grade achieved will allow financial institutions to adopt its full services with positive confidence that their assets & information will be protected and secure.

“This [certification} means that financial institutions – particularly, banks who typically utilize legacy software – planning to adopt RippleNet Cloud can do so with the confidence that Ripple has a certified, “seal of approval” when it comes to meeting modern security and privacy needs.”

Ripple XRP launched it’s RippleNet Cloud in May of 2020. The service offers its clientele a modern, fast & more cost-efficient means of transferring money all over the word.

Since it launched, 40 banks have now transitioned to being a part of Ripple’s global payment network.

Ripple XRP report that transaction volumes on RippleNet Cloud has doubled every week throughout the year 2020 & that half of all Ripple XRP transactions are now flowing through its Cloud service.

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