PayPal’s Finance CEO Rainey has recently said that it doesn’t look like they’ll be converting their balance sheets or investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin any time soon. Rather they are looking at expanding the horizons when it comes to using the crypto services on their platform. As PayPal have rolled out the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies overseas, they are more than comfortable with introducing these features for its UK users.

PayPal have said that they have seen a massive potential for the need of digital wallets and this is something they’re looking at.

“The types of services that we’re providing, like buy now, pay later [and] crypto as an example – even offline QR code – those are the types of things that we want to continue to invest in, be it organically or even inorganically when we see opportunities in the ecosystem,” Rainey said.

As more and more big time players are investing into cryptocurrencies for themselves there are still some institutes like PayPal who are comfortable with sitting on the side-lines and on the back bench on this one. However, it seems like they’ll be working in the background to bring the digital crypto experience to its UK users.

Crypto buying and selling to UK users will certainly bring in an ever higher demand and you never know, maybe not now, but in the future PayPal might just purchase some for themselves.

All round good news for UK crypto users. We here at Cryptovimto are certainly excited for this to be rolled out later this year.

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