BlockFi have just sent out an e-mail to it’s users mentioning that they will be increasing their interest earned on keeping LTC in their portfolio from 5% to 6.5%. Claiming January as a big boost off! This is because they have seen keen interest in Litecoin this year apparently.

They will also be introducing new services and support for it’s dedicated traders. They’ll be providing forms making reporting easier for their U.S traders.

Their interest payment day has always been the 1st of every month and any bonuses and interest payments accrued from January will be paid out on Monday 1st February. With this latest news from BlockFi it certainly means they are improving their services for the future and this is great news for them and their dedicated traders. Something we can all look forward to. We’re certainly fans of companies who invest in their platforms and especially who stay active and communicate with their subscribers.

Now, that we’ve introduced this great news, you could always gain some extra APY on Litecoin via BlockFi.

As always guys, Peace out!

“It’s always”great news when crypto exchanges announce advancing news”