The crypto fanatics where gob smacked when Bitcoin broke the all time high last night. Cryptovimto traders were watching the wall being danced on for a good few hours. It was a great show! Panic sellers and newbies managed to sell some of their Bitcoin when it reached its all time high and some bears jumped out the window. This didn’t stop the price movement and it found some support when on the way back down. fear is a bog factor that made many paper hands sell their crypto assets however, we’re pretty sure they’re regretting selling their crypto now as the price didn’t drop too much as it started gaining momentum upwards again.

We used a pitch fork to predict the future of crypto and the price trend of Bitcoin:

As you can see if everything goes as planned and Bitcoin carries on following our Pitchfork setup then we could be looking at a single Bitcoin being valued at over £200K+ by June 2021. Obviously this is what we hope for and by no means are we saying
this is exactly what’s going to happen.

The pitchfork setup is based on the full bear run from 2014 that lasted all the way till 2015. From the Highs to the Lows. As you can see Bitcoins price has stayed within the pitchforks perfectly so far. The euphoria stage hasn’t even started for us here at Cryptovimto yet we still remain cautious. Hope you found our Bitcoin price prediction insightful.

What do you guys think of this pitchfork setup?

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