Binance.UK Exchange and Marketplace is launching soon according to the CEO of Cryptovimto Saqib Khano.


After receiving an email stating that there has been a Telegram group created for the UK community, we were extremely excited to see the efforts by the Binance marketing team in bringing more crypto adoption to the UK.

Without wasting any time Saqib Khano had contacted the official Twitter Binance account to see if this was true. He received a reply back from a very well presented and professional member of the Binance UK team quicker than you could say #Bullish!

This was confirmed straight away and later after connecting with the Binance UK team member in Telegram, it was discussed that the Telegram group chat was created for the / site that is yet to be launched soon.

In-between the conversation that took place between the admin of the Binance UK group and the CEO of Cryptovimto, it was mentioned that they will start by launching the website for the UK with a few of the main crypto currency coins and tokens first, then add more over time.

For us here at Cryptovimto we know that this is extremely bullish news for $BNB.

Even though, Binance is not an actual exchange located in the UK it’s great news for bringing more awareness to the Cryptosphere.

One thing’s for sure, the more the UK adopts cryptocurrencies the better it is for us all. At least we’ll have more relatable content for you guys! 🙂

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