Binamon recently finalized its seed and presale rounds, which raised a total of $1.4M. Since then, the Argentina-based gaming platform that lives on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has attained huge milestones. Could this be the next 100x BSC gem?

The gaming cryptoverse has already attracted a strong community of players in the USA, Europe, and China. The Binamon army is expected to grow exponentially as more gamers catch wind of this unique ecosystem.

Secondly, the in-game market for Binamons NFT has started, allowing the community to trade their unique Binamons NFT on a peer-to-peer basis while the project’s team works on the DEX launch.

Each digital monster has distinct characteristics such as Element, Attack, Class, and Hompower. These characters determine the intrinsic and market value of each NFT. Thus, by minting one $BMON, users generate three digital collectables whose difference lies in both features and powers. In addition, the vastly experienced Binamon Team will occasionally hold lotteries where selected players get special upgrades for their Binamons.

What’s more, the Binamon Team has just announced the launch of the first-ever Binamon Tournament, where participants stand to earn up to 2,500 USD in prizes.

Gamers will soon access the gaming platform’s exclusive multiplayer battle mode that runs on Unreal Engine, a cutting-edge AI graphics technology. In this gaming mode, players will be able to fight using their NFTs against opponents from across the globe, earning rewards in USD.

Binamon is off to a Great Start!

Binamon is creating a movement that has taken the gaming world by storm. Case in point, the platform is already ranked number 1 in the NFT Games Industry for most transactions.

Beyond its excellent gaming aspects, Binamon also allows investors to earn passive income by staking their $BMON tokens. The Binamon mobile app offers a digital wallet to hold and trade their tokens across the metaverse. The app also integrates a Monitor, enabling users to track their track balances and staking rewards quickly.

Binamon’s cap of $5 million, robust business model, and highly deflationary currency set up the blockchain-powered collectable card game to emerge as the new x100 gem for this June – July season.

In just 48 hours of Binamon’s launch, users have burned 10M $BMON tokens (about 7% of the circulating supply), creating exclusive NFTs. The burning mechanism brings scarcity to the already limited supply of $BMON, which is capped at 300 Million. Moreover, each halving of $BMON tokens creates a deflationary effect, ensuring that the price of the Booster Pack goes up.

About Binamon 

Binamon is a new gaming platform that allows crypto gamers to collect, buy and sell digital monsters as NFTs and engage in exciting battle royals with gamers from all over the world. In addition, players can enjoy admirable gaming modes such as Multiplayer, Battle rounds, and digital collectables features, all in one user-friendly platform.

Binamon offers its native $BMON BEP-20 token, which powers the entire ecosystem. Minting $BMON will enable players to create their unique collection of NFT Binamons, which are ultra-rare digital monsters used for battle duels in the gaming metaverse. Booster Smart Contracts facilitates users to mint BEP 20 tokens and generate BEP 721 NFT Binamons.

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